If everyone asked themselves
“what would Kiki do”,
what a beautiful world
we could create.

Kimon ‘Kiki’ Bisogno – mother, daughter, life partner, sister, friend, activist, artist, community leader and laughter queen – was taken from this Earth on 25th September 2022. Although she is not with us in body, her life and legacy lives on.

Kimon believed in waking up every day and choosing joy, in a world without violence, and a community where love is made visible through service to others.

Kiki not only brought laughter into the lives of thousands of people through laughter yoga, but her heart for the most vulnerable in her community inspired her to start the Obs Pasta Kitchen which provided a warm bowl of pasta every week to the homeless community in Cape Town. The Obs Pasta Kitchen was created in 201,7 and continues to feedthe unhoused as well as provide them opportunities to get a second chance in life. Kiki leaves behind her life partner Diego and their daughter Luna Stella. This is a place where you can take part in Kiki’s legacy – helping continue the incredible work she did, get inspiration from her life and support her family as they navigate the new journey ahead.

Help continue the work she left behind by supporting one of the projects that Kiki championed.

The Obs Pasta Kitchen

The Obs Pasta Kitchen provides a warm bowl of pasta on a weekly basis weekly to the unhoused and unemployed, and build opportunities to empower people to change their own lives.

Support the Family

Kimon leaves behind her beloved life partner Diego and her young daughter Luna Stella. Should you wish to make a contribution to Luna Stella’s future and help create space for experiences that make her life whole and blessed, please use the below bank details.

Howlelujah Foundation

Kiki’s beloved sister, Miquel, founded the South African non profit Howlelujah Foundation, for which Kiki served as a board member. This heart-driven organization helps vaccinate, sterilize and place homeless doggies in loving families. Considering the inspiration behind Ferdinando’s Pizza was “Ferdinando the Fox”, also a rescue, who knows what can happen every time a dog is rescued? At Howlelujah, a little goes a long way, so please consider making a donation in honour of Kimon!

My vision is not a goal but a daily new beginning, so that every day you can wake up, put that smile on your face and become new.


Other ways to honour Kiki



If you cannot contribute financially, please consider signing up for the newsletter. Kiki would also want you to spread love, perhaps you can do a random act of kindness, make an artwork or leave a gift for a stranger? Document this by posting a picture of your kind act with the hashtag #whatwouldkikido so we can grow her community of service, love and peace for all!


Kimon loved to travel and be in beautiful places! If you have a holiday home or a space away from the city, and would like to offer some reprieve for the family, get in touch by emailing hello@whatwouldkikido.org

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